Women more likely to suffer a broken heart

Women are more likely to develop heart problems because of emotional stress

A recent study in America has shown that women react differently to men when it comes to stress, bereavement and mental trauma.
The study, by Penn State College of Medicine, found both men and women experience increased heart rate and blood pressure when they are put in the stressful situation.
However, the blood flow of men increased to adapt to the stress they were under, while women’s blood flow stayed the same.

Study leader Doctor Chester Ray commented on the findings, saying they could explain why women are more likely to suffer from coronary problems after suffering mental trauma.

‘Stress reduction is important for anyone, regardless of gender, but this study shines a light on how stress differently affects the hearts of women, potentially putting them at greater risk of a coronary event,’ says Dr Ray.

He added that the findings demonstrate the importance of maintaining mental health, as it is in correlation with our physical well-being.


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