Broccoli juice better than sunscreen

Why broccoli juice is better than sunscreen when it comes to protecting your skin

BROCCOLI JUICE IS better at protecting our skin than sunscreen, according to new research.

In a bizarre new experiment, scientists discovered that ointment made from three-day-old broccoli sprouts reduced sunburn by up to 78% when skin was exposed to pulses of UV radiation; regular sunscreen, on the other hand, proved to be little better than useless.

Although no one is recommending we throw out our Piz Buin just yet, scientists at John Hopkins University in Maryland, America, say broccoli juice helps the body boost UV-damage-protecting and skin-cancer-fighting enzymes, whereas conventional sunscreens have to absorb UV light to stop it harming the skin.

Only six humans have so far taken part in the trials, prompting calls for further tests. However, Professor Paul Talalay – one of the report’s authors – claims the treatment could decrease the ‘long-term risk of developing cancer’.

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