How to get into magazines panel at Marie Claire HQ

How to get into magazines: Advice from the editors

Fancy carving out a career in the glamorous world of glossy magazines? Marie Claire's editor in chief Trish Halpin and her team share their top tips on how to make it in the industry as part of our Inspire & Mentor campaign

Nicola Oliver-How I learned to live being Bipolar

How I learned to live with being bipolar

I had the perfect life – two gorgeous children, a happy marriage and a stellar career. How could I have manic depression? By Nicola Oliver.

Marie Claire Health News: Mother and baby

Egg donation in America

Many young American women may be risking their health, their future fertility and even their lives for cash, to provide donor eggs for those who can't conceive. Anna Moore reports on a growing trend…

Marie Claire Features: Man, Sex

Why have men gone off sex?

New research shows that is is increasingly men who 'have a headache' and are saying no to sex. Is this a response to the stresses of modern life or a manifestation of a new male dilemma?

Marie Claire photos: Rankin Congo Portraits

Rankin interview

Celebrity photographer Rankin shares his experience of photographing refugees in camps in eastern Congo


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