EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Zoe interview

Tuesday 27th September 2011

Every wanted to know how to get into fashion? Check out our interview with super-stylist Rachel Zoe for handy hints and tips...

Rachel Zoe Interview

Every wanted to know how to get into fashion? When team MC met super-stylist Rachel Zoe at Marie Claire's How to Get Into Fashion Inspire & Mentor event, she spilled the beans...

MC: How did you get into the fashion industry and become a stylist?

RZ: I just fell into the job as a fashion editor at a teen magazine. I was there for two years and I left there as a senior fashion editor at the age of 25. I said to myself 'I need something more, I need to be challenged.' With styling - I closed my eyes, held my nose and jumped. I had my first job the next day and from then I have worked everyday for the rest of my life.

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