Halloween costume ideas: 100+ A-list outfits to inspire you

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Halloween costume ideas never fail to come thick and fast from the A-List every October. Take a look back at some spooky moments - and killer costumes - from our favourite stars at Hollywood's favourite time of the year, Halloween

Need some Halloween costume ideas this year? Well look no further than Hollywood.

For most people, Halloween involves either a) wrapping yourself up in loo roll that you pinched from the bathroom last minute to make yourself into a zombie, or b) picking out that one fancy dress outfit you have and transforming it into the dead version like ‘dead cheerleader’, ‘dead Harry Potter’ or ‘dead Wonder Woman’.

But for celebrities, it looks like a LOT more effort goes into the process. Take a look at Heidi Klum, for example. Last year to host her Halloween party, the model hired a team of prosthetic make-up artists to transform her into Jessica Rabbit. It was so brilliantly convincing we barely recognised her. Not that everyone else’s efforts were too shabby – Emily Ratajkowski painted herself yellow to become Marge Simpson for the night, while Ashanti was looking blue as Smurfette.

But even if you don’t have a load of time and money for quite as impressive a costume, there are still loads of celebrity Halloween costume ideas you can copy from over the years – especially in the face paint department. Whether it’s dramatic eyes which channel Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan, or the sunken eyes of a skeleton face à la Julien MacDonald back in 2013, there are plenty of ideas that you can copy with only the help of a trusty face palette – and few liquid eyeliners and a trusty red lipstick to boot!

And if you are feeling brave/handy? Look out for a few celebs in particular who, like Heidi Klum, never fail to disappoint. Special mentions go to Holly Willoughby (check out that make-up where her face looks like it zips open), Kate Moss (who manages to look eternally stylish even at Halloween) and Rihanna, who never fails to debut some of the most daring outfits around. Brava ladies!

Want to see for yourself? Click through the following photos to see over one hundred of the best Halloween costume ideas from the A-List in recent years…

And if you find yourself still stuck for inspiration, then what could be better than a video showing us 100 years of Halloween style? From the downright scary to the more commonly seen ‘I know I’m meant to look scary but this is a great excuse to dress up as a slutty cat’ costume, ten hugely different outfits are dutifully pulled off by a team of make-up artists, stylist and hairdressers – and one very patient model.

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