Marie Claire’s Favourite Christmas Films Of All Time

Because what could be better than curling up with a mulled wine and watching a Christmas movie at this time of year?

It’s a Wonderful Life
‘Every Christmas I make sure I watch It’s a Wonderful Life, preferably with my mum as we always watched it together when I was growing up. There’s nothing quite like seeing Jimmy Stewart running through Bedford Falls in the snow to get you in the Christmas spirit. It’s life-affirming, funny, cosy, nostalgic and it’ll make you have a little cry (unless you’re dead inside). In fact, I don’t think this is a film just for Christmas, it’s one for keeps.’ Tracy Ramsden, acting features director

The Snowman
‘I love The Snowman.  It’s the only thing I highlight to watch in my Christmas TV Guide. It brings me so many childhood memories of snow, excitement and magic as well as a little bit of melancholy. It’s always on TV on Christmas Eve too which is the best day of Christmas in my opinion. Glass of sherry in hand, I am magically transported to a winter wonderland. Even now, every time there is snow, I build my own snowman; a little part of me always hopes it will come to life and fly me to the north pole to meet Santa.’ Kelly Preedy, picture editor

‘Will Ferrel’s line: ‘Santa? I KNOW HIM’ warms my heart every time. Plus, it features an impossibly gorgeous Zooey Deschanel singing Baby It’s Cold Outside. What’s not to love? A modern classic.’ Suzannah Ramsdale, digital features and content editor

Home Alone
‘Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more than a (preferably hungover) evening watching Home Alone – all that PG violence is plain hilarious and, let’s face it, “Keep the change ya filthy animal” is pretty much the best xmas movie line of all time.’ Francesca Rice, features assistant

Home Alone 2
‘Let’s just say I had a bit of a ‘thing’ for Macaulay Culkin when I was little and I know every line of this film. Recently I went to New York and I stood in Central Park looking up at the plaza hotel like a total geek and it was amazing!’ Martha Hayes, entertainment editor

Love Actually
‘Ah, it’s just brilliant, the whole film – but my favourite bit is the airport scene, total tear jerker. I spend half my life at airports and it doesn’t fail to make me tearful seeing all those eager faces looking for loved ones walking through laden with bags. For me, they capture coming home for Christmas and being with important people perfectly. Oh, and Rowan Atkinson wrapping that present – hilarious.’ Holly Welch, junior fashion editor

The Holiday
‘The Holiday is my favourite. Cameron Diaz all snuggled up in her cosy cashmere with Jude law looking hot to trot. Love it! It’s the perfect movie to watch when it’s cold and Christmassy outside.’ Lucia Debieux, fashion editor

The Holiday
‘My friends and I set an evening aside every christmas to watch it together.’ Alix Rentsch, beauty assistant

Which Christmas movie do you have watch every year? Let us know in the comment box or tweet us @marieclaireuk.

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