7 Life Lessons We’ve Learned From Alexa Chung’s New Book ‘It’

From her insights on heartbreak, to embarrassing herself as a teenage groupie, Alexa Chung's debut book has got us hooked. And don't even get us started on her beauty and style tips... read 7 life lessons we've learned from 'It'.

1. Heartbreak sucks, even when you’re a celebrity/hot model/screen goddess
It’s not often that celebrities pour their hearts out, particularly when it comes to talking about a time when it was shattered into a billion pieces. Alexa’s had a few high-profile relationships and admits to only dating lead singers of rock bands. So how has she overcome that earth-shattering heartbreak? With a little advice from her mum. And Google. The moral of the story? Everyone goes through it. Even Alexa Chung.

2. Always approach your idols, they might just give you life-changing advice
There is an adorable moment in It when Alexa shares an anecdote from the time she bumped into a famous 60s singer in the corner of a bar. She asked her for man advice. We won’t spoil it for you, but believe us when we say that we’re sticking it onto our fridge door, too.

2. Looking effortless takes a lot of effort
Alexa Chung has perfected the baggy jumper, girl-next-door, shaggy-bob, ‘I just found this on the floor and accessorised it with a pout, job done’ look, and many have tried to mimic it unsuccessfully (but why CAN’T we go out in our pyjamas?). Alexa admits that it takes a lot of effort to er… look effortless, and that if your wardrobe lives on the floor, that’s OK.

3. Canvas bags carry just as much cult status as designer ones
Listen, if Alexa Chung says it’s OK to carry a canvas tote over a Birkin, we’re not going to argue.

4. Take photos of everything
Alexa has collected the most gorgeous collection of photos throughout her career, so much so that her scrapbook of images in It is making our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest look pretty dull in comparison. Note to self. Take more pictures. Of Everything.

5. Hats are underrated
From the Queen’s crown jewels, to Faye Dunaway’s infamous beret, why DO hats get such a hard time? Hats rock, according to Alexa. Don’t miss her pick of the best.

6. Fashion Week is basically the best thing ever if you’re on the FROW
…well, we knew this anyway. But the star’s account of her front row Fashion Week experience with Anna Wintour has left us all adding the coveted catwalk invitation to our bucket list.

7. We don’t need to take carrots and humous to music festivals.
You can thank Mrs Chung for that one.

Alexa Chung’s debut book, It, is on sale now, priced £16.99

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