Celebrity Scandals 2011

Wednesday 16th May 2012

From Lindsay Lohan's prison stint to Cheryl's US X Factor axe, see the star stories that have shocked in 2011

John Galliano arrested after racist rant

When: February
Scandal: John Galliano was sensationally sacked as Chief Designer at Christian Dior after hurling a 45-minute tirade of racial abuse to women in a Paris bar. The 50-year old was filmed telling one woman she had a 'dirty Jewish face.. revolting eyebrows, low-end boots and low-end thighs' and that her partner was an 'illegal immigrant'. Not content with that, Galliano also told two Italian women that they 'should have been gassed', adding 'I love Hitler'. The disgraced British designer was later arrested and put on trial for anti-semantic crimes, before being hit with a suspended fine of £5,219.


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