Eco Celebrities

Thursday 4th September 2008

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Cate Blanchett

Interested in environmental issues since ‘high school’, Cate Blanchett is a vociferous eco campaigner who’s not only ‘greenovated’ her house with solar panels and rainwater tanks, but also actively works to raise awareness about climate change and global poverty. Upon her return to Australia in 2007 after a decade in London, she took her family on the Walk Against Warming march, and lends her support to SolarAid – a UK charity that helps rural communities in Africa build small solar devices, both for their own use and for sale to generate income. She’s also heavily involved in the Australian Conservation Foundation’s (ACF) Who on Earth Cares campaign, in which she urges her fellow Australians to pursue an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. ‘I believe we’re ready as a generation to seize this opportunity to make profound environmental changes for the better,’ she says.

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