The Beauty Secrets Of A Victoria's Secret Angel

Suzanne Scott

Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel shares beauty tricks, workout tips and a DIY exfoliator recipe...

My signature is a fresh face and red lips.

I use Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation,
as itís sheer but still provides coverage, and Max Factor Lipfinity, which has blue undertones so it looks bold. Plus, it stays on through a night of dancing! 

The Victoriaís Secret image is healthy and sunkissed.

 A trick I learnt backstage is to apply highlighter on cheekbones and near the tear ducts Ė it opens and brightens the eyes. I use RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. It has a natural sheen; you canít see any shimmer or glitter.

Weights are the easiest way to get muscle definition, especially in the arms.

Itís important for the girls to look strong and healthy in the show. Two weeks before the big day, I work out for two days, then rest the next two, and repeat. I do resistance training, Pilates, yoga and weights.

The first thing I do when I get home is wash my face.

I have to wear loads of make-up for work. So, like many models, I usually take my own moisturiser to shoots. I love Biotherm Aquasource Ė itís rich, but lightweight, and sinks in quickly.

I sometimes mix my own exfoliator.
Itís super-easy: coarse sugar in coconut oil Ė thatís it! I also use Colbert MD exfoliating discs. My skin goes through a lot, so I regularly exfoliate to get rid of impurities.

My favourite fragrances contain jasmine.
I wear Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rosť. It has a little attitude to it Ė almost like itís ready to party and get into some mischief.

I sleep with my hair coated in argan oil.
Iíll even use it as a treatment before getting my hair coloured. If I donít have to be anywhere, Iíll mix coconut oil into it as well for an added moisture boost, but it takes a couple of rinses to get it out. I also use a Kťrastase mask which is brilliant for coloured hair. When youíre blonde, you have to pay attention to the condition, otherwise it starts to look straw-like.

Itís easier to be healthy in New York than in London.

I tend to order out when Iím in New York because there are lots of healthy places to choose from. But I do love to cook. Iíll make quinoa salads, roast chicken and soups.



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