11 Best Ever OMG Moments From The BRIT Awards

Emma Firth & Josie Ayre

The Brit Awards 2016 tonight may boast big name acts like Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Adele, but before now this coveted music bash was custom to the kind of scandal you’d struggle to turn over from.

Ahead of the BRIT awards 2016 ceremony, we look back the most riotous moments from the Brit Awards archives, including all our fondest memories – from awkward speeches to the golden Spice Girls era.

In no particular order, here are the 11 best OMG moments from the BRIT Awards, we love you...

1. Justin Timberlake gets up close and personal with Kylie Minogue's most famous asset.

Long before Beyoncé and Jay Z stole the ‘hottest couple on stage’ crown, the sight of Justin Timberlake getting a handful of Kylie Minogue’s infamous derrière in 2003 was almost too much to take in. And breathe.

2. Joss Stone debuts a whole new accent. Awkward.

Comedian host Russell Brand couldn’t help but call Joss Stone out on her unexpected new accent in 2007. Presenting James Morrison with Best British Male, the Devon-born singer unveiled a strong American twang as she hit the stage.

3. Girl Power reclaims the 90s during the Spice Girls’ debut.

Victoria Beckham was well on her way to global stardom in 1997, as the Spice Girls brought pop mania to the Brit Awards. Between Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack dress and the stadium echoes of ‘Zig-A-Zig-Ah’, the 90s were never the same again.

4. Jarvis Cocker crashes Michael Jackson’s performance.

The Pulp frontman was responsible for one of the most famous stage crashes of all time thanks to his stunt at the 1996 Brit Awards. Flashing poor onlookers with his wiggling bottom, Jarvis Cocker left Jacko fans less than pleased with his Earth Song shenanigans.

5. Adele has an angsty moment after she’s cut short on stage.

It’s safe to say no one wanted to be in host James Cordon’s shoes as he was tasked with cutting Adele’s acceptance speech short in 2012. The Someone Like You singer was left stunned as producers cut to Blur’s performance during her gushing moment on stage. Causing her to react like so...

6. Robbie Williams offers Liam Gallagher more than anyone bargained for.

Cue the awkward moment Robbie William challenges then-nemesis Liam Gallagher to a fight on stage, as he accepted his award for Best British Single at the 2000 ceremony. Erk.

7. Destiny’s Child set the Brit Awards on fire (literally).

Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams showed off their Independent Woman status at the 2001 Brit Awards, which meant sassy gold stage costumes and tons of fire. What’s not to love?

8. Amy Winehouse launches her first Brit campaign.

In 2004, Amy Winehouse took her campaign for Brit Awards glory to the streets of London. Joined by funny man Simon Amstell, the mischievous duo stepped out with nothing but a megaphone and a handful of homemade flyers.

9. Alex Turner's Rock 'n' Roll Speech

Last year, Alex Turner used the Arctic Monkeys’ acceptance of the Best Album award to make a somewhat pretentious speech about the resilience of rock ’n’ roll: 'That rock 'n' roll, eh? That rock 'n' roll, it just won't go away.' Before telling BRIT awards organisers to 'invoice him' for the microphone, then dropped it. Unbelievably cool? Or downright pretentious. You decide…

10. Awards Mix Up + Drunk People = TV Gold 

In 2000, an relatively unknown DJ, Brandon Block, was so wasted his mates managed to convince him that he’d won the award for best film soundtrack – despite not having made a soundtrack! Standing awkwardly on stage next to Ronnie Wood and an 18-year old Thora Birch to collect ‘his’ award, before being escorted off by security. Watch the hilarious moment he breaks free, though. 

11. Madonna's Infamous Fall

As a moment that had everyone in the nation glued to their screens and making the same 'eesh' noise, Madonna's fall has become one of the most infamous moments from the BRITS, like, ever.  Mid-way through singing her hit, Living for Love, the pop legend's Armani cape failed to come off and she was dramatically thrown down a set of stairs.  While we would have limped off with tears in our eyes, ever the performer, Madonna jumped back up like nothing had happened.  Respect, Madge, respect.



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