The DIY (and budget-friendly) facial we can’t stop talking about…

The health benefits of Manuka honey are well known, but have you ever thought about incorporating it into your beauty regime?

We recently spoke to some of the country’s top yoga teachers and asked them to share their health, fitness and beauty secrets with us. Director of Yogasphere Mandy Jhamat mentioned she regularly uses Manuka honey to get rid of blemishes and lines.

Well, we just had to know more about this wonder treatment, so here is her six-step DIY Manuka honey facial for you to try in the comfort of your own home

‘It was a friend who got into an accident on her bike with a London taxi that taught me about Manuka honey,’ Mandy told us. ‘She used the honey on her skin to deal with her scars and bruises – after one month of application she was left with not one single scar or blemish. I was amazed and became an immediate convert.’

Here are the top tips for having a successful manuka honey facial…

1. Start off with cleansed skin – my favourite product is Bioderma Cleanser (also in Sensibio for sensitive skin).

2. Pick a premium Manuka honey which is 100% raw with a bio active 12+ or above (this strength relates to its anti-bacterial effects). This means that honey has been cold pressed rather than fine filtered and so is closer to its natural state and retaining more of its health benefits.

3. Lightly wet the skin as it makes the application of the mask easier.

4. One tablespoon of honey should be enough to spread on the whole of your face.

5. Leave on for around 15-20 mins – this is where the anti-bacterial effects take place.

6. Wash off the mask with warm water and pat your skin dry. Your face should feel great afterwards, so only moisturise if you feel it’s absolutely necessary.

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