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The sun creams you need in your skincare routine, whatever the weather

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Sun cream is possibly the biggest skincare essential, and we expect no less than the best protection for our skin

The best sun cream is often at the top of our agenda when the sun finally comes out. But, it really should be a part of your daily skin care routine, as well as the best serum and the best moisturiser, all year round. That’s why we’ve pulled together the best sun cream and best sun tan lotions that will see you right through the year.

A real essential throughout the warmer months, the best way to enjoy the higher climes is with one of these essential sun creams in your beauty bag. You’ll be on your way to younger skin and a flawless (non-red) tan in no time.

Now that there’s so many to choose from, we’re here with a helping hand to tell you which ones to trust. From Reimann’s popular P20 Sun Protection to beauty brand favourites like Clarins, we’ve found the best SPF recommendations for your skin. For more skincare recommendations, head over to our sister site Powder to find the ones perfect for your skin.

Another name that’s made in onto our round up of 10 sun creams you can really trust comes from Clinique. The popular retailer’s Face Cream SPF30 is a light and hydrating formula that protects your skin brilliantly from the sun’s rays. Another bonus of this £18 beauty buy? It leaves your complexion feeling silky-smooth and non-greasy. We all know that there’s nothing worse that feeling sticky on a hot day.

The best sun cream can reverse signs of ageing

In a recent study published in the journal Dermatologic Surgery , it was found that sun cream not only protects your skin from sun damage, it can also reverse the signs of photo-ageing, like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The study, sponsored by the Johnson & Johnson’s Skin Research Centre and led by dermatologists Steven Wang and James Leyden, showed improvements in the many signs of ageing caused by the sun. This included things like texture, overall tone, and fine lines. Participants who applied a moisturiser containing SPF 30, saw improvements of 52 percent in mottled pigmentation, 40 percent in skin texture, and 41 percent in skin clarity after one year of use.

So if you’re using sun cream on holiday, you’re partly there. But, you should really be applying it every day. Even on the days when it seems like the sun doesn’t even exist. Because it does. Always.

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