The best blusher for every complexion

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Powder, cream or gel? We've picked the best blusher to brighten up your complexion this season...

When it comes to blusher, there’s a whole host of formulas to choose from, not mention a plethora of shades – unsurprising, considering it’s been around since ancient societies relied on naturally occurring vegetable and mineral dyes to get a hint of colour in their cheeks.

Lucky for us, this part of our routine has come a long way from the ground ochre that was rubbed on cheeks and lips during the early times of Egypt.

What blushers are the best?

Now, you can choose from powders, cream blusher, gels and tint formulas, all designed to give you a healthy looking flush. If you prefer a matte skin finish, go for powders but if you want your complexion to look dewy, try a cream or gel blusher to boost your skin with moisture. And if you just want a touch of colour without any residue what so ever, apply a tint to the apples of your cheeks and sweep out towards your temples before it dries.

Blusher Colour

As a general rule of thumb, go for a light pink, rose or peach-toned shade if you have fair to medium skin. If you have a darker complexion, opt for tones of orange and deep berry to complement your skin. Head over to our sister site Powder and take their blusher quiz to find the very best one for your skin tone.

How to apply blush

Finally, work out how to apply your blusher. For powders, you will need to use a blush brush, whereas creams and gels need to be melted into your skin with your fingers or dabbed with a sponge for a natural looking finish.

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