Off On Holiday Soon And Haven’t So Much As Booked A Wax? Do. Not. Panic

Follow our expert day-by-day beauty guide to getting your body bikini-ready in just 10 days.

10 Days To Go: Tackle Cellulite
Start applying Nivea’s Goodbye Cellulite 10-day Serum (£10.98) a week and a half before you’re due on the beach. Its concentrated formula should visibly smooth and tone your target areas in the knick of time.

5 Days To Go: Nail It
Have a gel manicure and pedicure five days before you’re due to jet off. ‘Most gel manicures last for around 2 weeks,’ explains Marie Claire’s beauty features editor Jessica Lacey. They should remain perfectly polished for the length of your trip.

3 Days To Go: Wax
‘The best time to wax is three days before going on holiday,’ says Veet waxing expert Arezoo Kaviani. ‘This allows time for the skin to calm down. After waxing, you should also allow 24 hours before moisturising and 48 hours before applying fake tan so as not to aggravate the skin.’ Try Veet Maxi Pack 40 EasyGrip Ready-to-use Wax Strips + 4 Perfect Finish Wipes For Normal Skin (£7.99).

2 Days To Go: Exfoliate
Getting rid of old skin cells will help prolong your natural tan by reducing your chances of peeling. ‘You must also exfoliate 24 hours before applying any fake tan,’ says Jessica. Try Champney’s Spa Treatments Citrus Blush Body Scrub (£8.00).

1 Day to go: Get Your Glow On
No one wants to hit the beach looking totally pasty. St Tropez recommends applying your bronzing mousse the day before a week-long holiday, to make sure that your colour lasts for the next five to seven days. Try St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse (£20.43).


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