The Scrunchie Revival: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

We've been trying to fight it ever since we clapped eyes on a bunch of athletes wearing them at last summer's London Olympics, but after months of turning a blind eye, we just can't ignore it anymore: the return of the scrunchie.

The much-maligned hair accessory is back. Yep, that’s right. If the word scrunchie initially makes you recoil in horror at the memories of the less-than-glamorous hair looks of ’80s/’90s, you’re not alone. And yet, our beady eyes keep spotting them on the designer catwalks. Damn those fashion trends.

At Ashish’s spring/summer 2013 show all the models strutted down the runway (wearing the trainer of choice during the ’90s, white Reebok classics, no less) with artfully messy top knots secured in place with white, black or gold scrunchies. Design legend Marc Jacobs has also got in on the act, launching a selection of colourful printed styles for his Marc by Marc Jacobs line.

A quick Google search reveals that a string of high street stores – think Urban Outfitters, New Look and American Apparel – have also re-released scrunchie styles, and hip east London accessories label, My Crazy Scrunchie, even managed to get model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne to star in their campaign video.

But should you stick to your style guns and give this fashion revival a wide berth? Or should you reconsider and give the look a whirl? Not sure? Well, we’ve weighed up the pros and cons below to help you make up your mind. Simples.

Pro: The fashion gods have spoken and, let’s face it, what they say is gospel. Like, duh!
Con: If you don’t look like Cara Delevingne, you’re gonna look like a tragic ’90s throwback.

Pro: The ’90s trend is everywhere at the moment, from fashion and beauty, through to music and club culture.
Con: This revival is all very well in hipster central, Dalston, but elsewhere can look a tad (whisper it) naff.

Pro: Even if your budget won’t stretch to a designer scrunchie, the trend has now trickled down to the high street.
Con: Despite the fact that it will only set us back a teeny £2 to buy one, we’d rather spend our cash on, say, four Cadbury’s chocolate bars, or something else of equivalent value.

Pro: You can’t argue that they aren’t easy to apply, and do solve hair dilemmas when only a ponytail will do.
Con: Yeah, but you know, if push came to shove, we think we’d still take straggly locks over those shiny hair accessory horrors. Sorry scrunchie, we just can’t do it!

Have our pros won you over? If so, why not shop these scrunchies below:

-Black leather scrunchie, £6 at Urban Outfitters
-Printed scrunchie, £21.99 by Marc by Marc Jacobs at Shopbop
-Black scrunchie, £2.09 at Superdrug

Pictures: Rex Features and My Crazy Scrunchie

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