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The best celebrity hairstyles that’ll inspire you to chop off your hair

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Because who better to look to for hair inspiration?

As the saying goes, when a woman cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life. And whether that applies to you or not, cutting all your hair off can be life changing. Short hairstyles can completely change the way you look (and feel for that matter). So, get a cut that suits you and your lifestyle. It’s absolutely essential.

A few of us have been scarred by visits to the hair salon, which can make taking the plunge that much more difficult. But, with the right stylist and inspiration, you’ll walk out with a smile on your face.

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‘If you feel nervous about going for a dramatic change, you’re not alone’, says celebrity hair stylist Orlando Pita. ‘I had been trying to get Karlie Kloss to cut her hair for ages and when she finally did do it, she loved it!’

So why is it so hard for us to choose between short hairstyles and find the right one? ‘I think sometimes women can’t picture themselves with a short hair cut if they have had long hair for a long time’, says Orlando. ‘It’s good for people to cut their hair. I get bored with long hair and I like showing alternative styles.’

When you change your hair, change your wardrobe too. It’s a good excuse. That’s not saying you have to alter it dramatically. But, you’ll notice things that didn’t suit you once before, might actually work a dream when you get the chop. A backless dress teamed with a pixie crop looks simply stunning. On the other hand, a shaggy ‘do can add a certain magnetism to any style.

‘I love the idea of wearing an evening dress with a hair cut, rather than a hair ‘do,’ says Orlando. ‘It updates your whole look, because you wear your hair cut, rather than the style wearing you.’

Finding the idea of an extreme cut even more alluring? You can take these incredible short celebrity hairstyles straight to your hairdresser’s. You’re welcome.

Image credit: Rex Features
Image credit: Rex Features
Image credit: Rex Features
Image credit: Rex Features

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