Hairstyles for long hair: 40+ beautiful looks for long locks

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Hairstyles for long hair: looking for some inspiration for yours? Then take a look at the best celebrity hair cuts and layered looks...

If you get serious hair envy every time you see Jennifer Lopez sporting long Hollywood curls, Beyonce oozing unreachable levels of coolness with her lengthy waves and Kim Kardashian looking reminiscent of our childhood mermaid dreams, you’re not alone. When it comes to inspirational hairstyles for long hair, celebrities have got it going on. And then some.

Yes, it can seem tiresome – ball breaking, even- to think of new ‘dos that can transform your simple long hair to a masterpiece. But, with the right tools, a bit of patience and some celebrity inspiration, it’s possible.  Actually, scrap that, it’s not just possible – it will happen.

First step, find the style you’re looking for. We’ve rounded up the best hairstyles for long hair from the red carpet, street style and Instagram. In fact, all stones have bene turned to bring you the best of the best. Heading on a night out with the girls? Slick back your hair like Olivia Wilde. Off to an evening soiree? Channel Jessica Alba’s screen siren glam ‘do and give your hair a wave with a curling wand. Having brunch with the in-laws? Add bounce with a Kate Middleton hairstyle. And if you’re just looking to get it out of your face? Pull back into a sleek ponytail or softly textured side plait hairstyle like Eva Longoria.

Once you’ve decided on your style, work out what hair tools you need and roughly how long it will take to create the look. You’ll be forgiven for turning up late to a party with an amazing hairstyle. Not so much if you completely miss it.

And make sure you keep your hair in tip top condition. If you find that your hair gets to a certain length and then breaks off, you need to look through our round up of the best shampoo for dry hair. Similarly, if you find that your hair looks greasy quickly, you need to work out what is the best shampoo for your hair type. A little bit of care will go a long way – literally.

Now that you’ve got those points ticked off, find the best hairstyles for long hair, right here…

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