Carey Mulligan’s Hair History: Nobody Does Short Better

Carey Mulligan has made no secret of her desire (and struggle) to grow her hair long after a run-in with a bottle of peroxide left her tresses ruined back in 2008, but should she go for voluminous locks like every other Hollywood starlet out there?

Nobody does it better. Short hair, that is. Carey Mulligan can work a tousled bob or a blunt crop. Blonde, red or brunette: it doesn’t matter. But, now, the Great Gatsby star is starting to grow her hair out after years of trying (she was forced to dye it peroxide blonde for the 2008 film Public Enemies and she’s not been able to grow it past her shoulders since). The question is: should she?

When the Brit actress first stepped onto the showbiz scene she had mousy, textured hair. It was very girl-next-door and it worked for her, to a certain extent. Then came the big career-kickstarting chop followed by fame, fortune and dream leading lady role in some of the best films of our generation (Steve McQueen’s Shame, we’re talking about you).

From 2008 onwards Carey sported the chic crop that we’ve come to be a little obsessed with. It’s taken on many guises over the years: she’s rocked both brunette and red tints, the fringe has been blunt and soft and she’s even experimented with braids and 20s-inspired pin curls. Carey has shown us that short doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive.

Blink and you’d miss the progress, but Carey has slowly but surely been growing out her iconic crop. She’s flitted between polka straight bobs and tousled waves, but, make no mistake, her lengthening locks have been going in one direction, and one direction only: down.

At The Great Gatsby press conference, Ms Mulligan showcased a blonde mid-length ‘do. And, sure, she looked beautiful, and sure, we would kill to have her tresses, but if we’re being completely honest, we miss her edgy Mia Farrow-esque crop. We miss it desperately. What do you say Carey, will you bring brack the crop?

What do you think of Carey Mulligan’s hair? Do you prefer it long or short? Are you tempted to try a crop? Let us know in the comment box below.


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