Cheryl Cole: The 12 must-obey beauty rules she wants you to know

We caught up with Cheryl Cole to talk turning 30, Botox and her most daunting L’Oréal Paris shoot to date.

She was picked to be the face of L’Oreal’s new Skin Perfection Skincare range because of her flawless skin, among other reasons, so who better to ask for beauty advice than the lovely Cheryl Cole?

Here are the singer’s 12 must-do health and beauty rules (you’re going to want to take notes, ladies):

1. Don’t be afraid of getting older.
‘I love being 30, I’m the most settled I’ve been as a person and as a woman. I’m not worried about getting older because I look at myself when I was in my early twenties and I definitely don’t want to be her. I’ve been her. Wrinkles appear when you’re in your 30s, so I do think about it, but I’ll worry about it when it happens. I’ve always taken care of my skin. From my late teens and early twenties, I’d make sure it was thoroughly cleansed and I change up my regime every two or three months by trying a new cream or formula.’

2. Don’t try Botox too young.
‘Botox terrifies me! It’s one thing to try it when you’re in your late 30s and early 40s, but it terrifies me to see girls of about 21 having Botox. It worries me. Having Botox isn’t something I’ve been thinking about but I never say never. At the end of the day, it’s a poison and there are so many botch jobs out there. The other day I put a selfie on Instagram, my nieces and nephews had dared me to do it, and because I was pulling a funny face, I had furrows in my forehead. One fan commented under the photo saying that I should put my wrinkles away. Can you believe it? I like to see expression.’

3. Surround yourself with supportive women.
‘I have really great women around me. I had one friend say to me: ‘Get rid of my wrinkles? I’ve earned these. My wrinkles are a map of my life.’ I thought that was such a refreshing attitude.’

Cheryl Cole - L'Oreal Skin Perfection

4. Health supplements aren’t the answer.
‘I’m a bit of a sceptic when it comes to all that. It’s just common sense, if you eat McDonalds every day you’re going to feel horrible. That’s something I learnt when I had malaria, that the skin is an organ and everything happening inside shows up on your skin. If you eat badly, you’ll have bad skin, mood swings and feel lousy.’

5. Keep your skin clean.
‘I’ve been saying it for years, you’ve got to take your make-up off before you go to bed. If you don’t, you will wake up a year older, or with blocked pores. Your skin rejuvenates overnight, so that’s the most important rule.’

6. I’d love a pixie crop.
‘I want a pixie crop because it would be so low-maintenance, but I do love having long hair. It’s glamorous and it’s changeable; I can colour it, I can put it up, I can put it down, I can plait it. Once you’ve had a pixie there’s no turning back. My mother’s always had a pixie crop and I’ve aready started doing stuff like my mother so I think that would be too much. I’m not ready for that!’

7. Do a hair mask twice a week.
‘When I was away for my birthday in California, I didn’t look after my hair at all. There’s so much focus on hair and beauty when I’m working so it’s the last thing on my mind when I’m away. I’d been in the sun and partying, so when I got home it looked like I’d been electrocuted, and I thought ‘never again!’ I do masks twice a week. It’s got to be done.’

8. Berocca is the best hangover cure.
‘When I’ve had a big night out, the next morning I drink Berocca, water and pop a couple of painkillers. I’ve got these new pills that are half paracetamol and half Ibuprofen, which are amazing. They work in 10 minutes. Some people are sickly the next day and don’t want greasy foods, others want a massive fry-up. I say, if you want it, have it.’

9. Stay hydrated when you fly.
‘I don’t wear make-up on the plane and I make sure I’m hydrated. Beauty is just as much about what you put inside. It’s no good putting all the lovely products on if you’re then putting horrible stuff inside. The two go hand-in-hand, so I drink loads of water and try to drink green tea instead of hot chocolate – although that doesn’t always happen!’

10. Change up your fragrance.
‘I like to create memories and I’m really nostalgic for smell. I can wear a perfume and remember a tour like it was yesterday. But once it’s done I won’t wear it again. I have a collection of perfumes that I never wear. I like fresh, floral, clean scents.’

11. L’Oreal’s Skin Perfection Blur cream is a must.
‘The Blur cream has been my saviour recently. When we shot the L’Oreal ad for the new range, it was the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt on a shoot. I had on Blur cream and mascara. That was it. It was scary because I’m so used to hiding behind big hair and lashes. The tricks of my trade!’

12. It’s all about prevention rather than cure.
‘It’s not about covering blemishes or spots with make-up, it’s about fixing what’s wrong with your skin. When you put loads of foundation over a problem, it masks it but it’s not helping. It’s hindering, if anything. There’s nothing worse than seeing young girls and you can see they’ve been trying to hide their spots and the make-up is caked on. Foundation isn’t going to fix your skin.’

L’Oreal’s Skin Perfection Skincare range, including the Skin Perfection Serum which is enriched with Perline P and LR24 12, £16.99, is available nationwide at Boots.

Pictures by Charlotte Medlicott for L’Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Skincare


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