Hair Straighteners: The 10 Best Styles For Your Hair

Hair Straighteners: The 10 Best Styles For Your Hair

Hair straighteners are arguably the most revolutionary styling tool to launch in the last 10 years.

No longer the bulky, hair-burning flat irons of the late 90s, today's versions are seriously sleek, lightweight wands that can actually care for your hair as you style.

There's no denying straighteners have changed our lives, allowing us to create super straight 'dos within minutes or long-lasting curls at the flick of your wrist. But whether you're beating the frizz or totally banishing your ringlets, hair straighteners are an incredible tool for creating a host of varied looks.

Can you seriously imagine not owning a pair? Neither can we.

GHD hair straighteners are the stand-out brand when it comes to transforming waves and curls into poker-straight strands.

This GHD Eclipse iron is the only hair straightener on the market to use tri-zone technology - six sensors in the iron plates that ensure a constant heat is maintained - to tackle any hair type quickly and easily.

But don't dismiss other brands - Corioliss and H2D VI hair straighteners are starting to make waves in the flat iron department and shouldn't be overlooked when deciding which hair straighteners are for you.

Some of the biggest names in the industry - think James Brown, Richard Ward and Lisa Shepherd - would gladly rank Cloud 9 among their pick of the best hair straighteners.

And with the level of technology moving faster than ever before, it's not surprising that we are starting to see hair-loving fusions. Remington's classic Shine Therapy Hair Straightener has been saturated with Argan Oil to help add a glossy shine to your locks.

Healthy-looking hair and a style that will hold for hours? We're sold.

Discover the best hair straighteners on the market right now and find out which pair are best for your needs.

Gorgeous tresses on a daily basis? Yes please.

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