At-home teeth whitening kits: The ones to know, tried & tested

We test the newest teeth whitening kits

Back in the day, at-home tooth whitening kits were bad. Really bad. They were tricky to use, painful, and in extreme cases even caused gum deterioration and dental weakening.

Thankfully, things have changed – and whilst it’s still preferable to see a specialist (just ask your dentist for a recommendation) there are a handful of at-home products that really do the brightening business. Always check with your dentist before using any of these in case you have an underlying dental issue – and stick to the included guidelines and development times. Longer doesn’t = whiter – it just means more damage.

1. Pearl Drops Pure White Whitening Treatment

At the cheaper end of the scale, this kit works by painting by brightening serum over the teeth, followed by an activator and finally a polish. Think of it as a deep-clean for your teeth.

TESTER VERDICT: “By day five of the recommended 10 days this kit noticeably whitened my teeth which is brilliant for the price. I’m sticking with it.”

Buy now: Pearl Drops Pure White Whitening Treatment for £24.99 from Amazon

2. Rapid White Express Max Effect 5 Minute Dissolving Tooth Whitening Strips

Over the course of a week these easy to use strips should help you on your way to a brighter smile. They’re non-peroxide, and you simply apply them to your teeth (they’re minty) and they dissolve in your mouth (just rinse, and go and you’re done!) They’re kinder to teeth enamel than peroxide strips – ideal for sensitive teeth.

TESTER VERDICT: “They were easy to use, and I definitely noticed a decent whitening effect so I’d use them again.

Buy now: Rapid White Express Max Effect for £20 from Amazon

3. iWHITE 2 Instant Teeth Whitening Kit

This at-home kit notches the whitening up a level promising up to 8 shades whiter, after just one application. It contains a ‘revolutionary’ whitening gel which has been clinically proven safe and instantly effective, and contains 10 ready to use mouth trays filled with the gel.

TESTER VERDICT: ‘Slightly tricky to use and slightly uncomfortable but saw a difference after around a week.”

Buy now: iWHITE 2 Instant Teeth Whitening Kit for £24.53 from Amazon

4. Oral-B 3D White Whitestrips, £50 x 28 strips

These have been big news in the US for years (under the name Crest), but haven’t been allowed over here due to strict EU regulations on their strength. That should give you a good indication of how effective they are. They’re available from your dentist who will apply the first formula to remove surface stains. After that you’ll use the strips at home.

BEAUTY ED VERDICT: “This is just being rolled out, so we haven’t tried it, but having used the Crest strips in the US which are super effective, we’re excited about how cost-effective and just plain effective these will be.”

5. Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush

Yes, it’s pricey for a toothbrush but the diamond shaped bristles give your teeth a deeper clean that removes surface stains much more effectively than a manual brush – ergo, whiter teeth.

TESTER VERDICT: “My teeth felt cleaner and after a week I definitely noticed a shade change. It’s not as dramatic as it would have been with a kit, but this is more about my dental health rather than aesthetics – and that’s more important.”

Buy now: Phillips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush for £149.99 from Amazon

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